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January 31, 2021

What do I have planned for this year?

2020 was a big year for me, and I have to take time this year to decide what my priorities are going to be.

I am always going to be running this site and my FOSSphones website. I am also building out my Nightshade Technologies project that is going to aim to help put affordable, open-source computing devices in the hands of those that need them. I am basing this work off of Raspberry Pi 4 devices and selling them as a complete kit with an OS preinstalled and ready to go for the user.

I am also planning on starting up a social network of own in the very near future. I am sick of seeing people kicked deplatformed for no-good reasons, simply because someone posted something that someone else didn't like. Of course, it is up to the owners of these platforms what is and is not allowed on their platforms, but I won't be a part of their censorship. Instead, I support free and open source, federated platforms, and I intend on joining the ranks of those running their own freedom-respecting networks this year.

What is my social network going to be like?

I already have purchased the domain name for this project. It is going to be called Neighborli (pronounced like neighborly), and it is going to be completely freedom-respecting. Anyone will be able to join and post anything they like, so long as the content they are posting is legal in the United States. I couldn't care less about the opinons of those who use my platform. As long as you can stay in legal grounds with the content or opinions you post, you will be more than welcome on my platform. It will be a Mastodon instance, and it will be open for everyone, so make sure you bring your friends along.

This project will not cost money for anyone to use, but I should note that donations will always be welcome. It costs money to keep the servers running and these sites running at all times, so any spare cash anyone has to donate to the project will help keep the project up and running for a long time to come.

I don't know for sure what all of my plans this year will entail. I plan to build out the Mastodon instance, keep on going with my coverage of free and open source mobile Linux devices, and I am even thinking about starting up some video and audio series about free software and technology in general, such as a series of videos for YouTube and LBRY and maybe even a podcast. I am still debating on these things.

This is just a small taste of my plans for this year, but you can bet I will continue to be working on free software and bringing my own projects to fruition. I look forward to everything 2021 has to bring and I wish everyone reading this a happy new year, as well.