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GNU/Gaming Series

In this video series, we are taking a look at some of the most fun and popular free and open-source video games available for GNU/Linux distributions.

HTML Crash Course Series

Want to get started on building websites of your own, but not sure how to get started? This is the video crash course for you, where we will explore HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts in depth.

These videos are coming soon. Thanks for your patience!

GNU/Linux Starter Series

New to GNU/Linux? Want to learn about different distros and how the terminal works? This will be the video series for you!

These videos are coming soon. Thans for your patience.

Twitch Stream Mirror

This section is a mirror archive of some of my Twitch streams. I also plan to backup my streams to YouTube and Odysee.

On these streams, we do a little bit of everything - we play games, we discuss technology, we build software and work on development in real time, and more. Sometimes, we simply mess around and do nothing at all. Streaming can be a fun way to just get some stuff done while also having access to differen viewpoints among fellow people in the stream while hanging out and doing whatever we might be doing.

I will try to keep the stream archive as up to date as possible, but I can't guarantee how up to date it will be since I stream several days a week these days.