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the big list of softwares


As you can see, I am not a graphic designer.

I use all kinds of open-source software, and I write a good deal of my own as well. Some of my scripts are mostly just personal things that I might not ever share because most people might find them useless or mundane, but I like to share what I see as my more useful scripts.

I'll link my GitHub below, highlight some of my favorite projects that I've written, and other software projects that I admire.

~~~software by rav3ndust~~~

Come check out my GitHub page, where you will find the majority of my stuff.

If you're running Linux on your PC or on a Linux phone (or Android with Termux) you can grab my stuff from your terminal using git.

You can also grab each project right here as I make them available for download.


You can download some of my software right here with ease as I package them. This will be the first place I put stuff.

I hope to have a git server of my own set up here sometime soon, as a backup. Until then, you can also grab my stuff and contribute to it on my GitHub repositories.

My Software on GitHub

Here's the code for cloning each of my currently listed open-sourced projects. I always welcome contributions and pull requests!

The Randomize Webapp (still wip):

git clone
Randomize is a webapp I am building to help people learn random facts about topics they are interested in.

Linux bash scripts:

For linux-updater:

git clone
This script allows users of Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distros to easily update and upgrade their system without further user interaction needed.

For terminal-finder:

git clone
This script allows you to easily search your computer for any file using a customized menu.

Other Stuff I Love

Here is some other open source software that I use regularly.

Remember, if you love a certain free and open-source application, operating system, or whatever else, make sure you donate to their developers! Contributions are what help developers of free software know that their efforts are appreciated, and helps fund that software's continued development.