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Nightshade Barriers

Lightweight and simple ad and tracker blocking extension to help you protect your online privacy and speed up your browsing.

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NSbarriers in its enabled and disabled states.

Nightshade Barriers is a free and open-source browser extension for Chromium and Firefox based browsers.

With the simple push of a button, you can be blocking advertisements, trackers, and social scripts from all over the web.

What can Nightshade Barriers do for you?

With Nightshade Barriers running in your favorite browser, you can reap some of the following benefits:

If you ever notice a potential bug with the Nightshade Barriers extension and would like to file a bug report, you can do so easily in the issues tracker. I will be doing my best to keep it updated with new items in the blacklist frequently. To learn how to use the extension in more advanced ways and add some of your own links to the domain blacklist, please see the project's Readme file.

Download Nightshade Barriers for yourself!

Ready to protect your online privacy from ad and social networks, as well as experience faster page load times? Click one of the download links below, depending on what web browser you use.

Defending your online privacy is just one click away!

Nightshade Barriers for Chromium browsers | Nightshade Barriers for Firefox browsers

Alternative Downloads For Nightshade Barriers

Chrome Web Store

You can also feel free to download the extension right from the Chrome Web Store if you are running a Chromium-based browser such as Chromium, Brave, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, or another. Click the link below to head to the listing for Nightshade Barriers:

Nightshade Barriers on the Chrome Web Store

Mozilla Add-Ons For Firefox Store

If you run Firefox or a Firefox-based browser, you can also feel free to download Nightshade Barriers directly from Mozilla's Add-Ons for Firefox webstore. Click the link below to head to the listing on the platform for Nightshade Barriers:

Nightshade Barriers on the Mozilla Add-Ons For Firefox Store

Clone Nightshade Barriers using Git

If you run a Linux based system, you can also easily simply use Git to clone the extension's repository to your local machine.

Just use this command:

git clone

Nightshade Barriers Source Repository

Want to examine Nightshade Barriers for yourself, or fork the project? Click the link below to dive deeper into the extension and how you can use it.

Nightshade Barriers on GitHub.