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October 18, 2020

Why should you delete Facebook from your life?

Many people don't think about this as they scroll through their social media feeds when they are bored and have some spare time to mess around on their phones, but Facebook is an evil company looking to erode our privacy and control us.

"But wait, rav3n," you're probably saying, "Isn't my decision whether or not to use Facebook?"

It is your choice. But do you know how Facebook destroys your privacy behind the scenes, while you keep pressing Like and Share? Let's take a look to help you get a little more informed.

The dangers of Facebook and other large social media platforms.

Before we get into the privacy nightmares surrounding Facebook and other social platforms, but Facebook especially, you should know how Facebook is generally dangerous. These days, it is rare for someone not to be on Facebook. In fact, you may even be seen as strange for not being on Facebook, but don't let that deter you from taking control of your life back from Zuckerberg and his evil cronies.

Known evils of Facebook.

Here are some of the worst ways that Facebook shows us just how evil they are, and how they don't truly care about their users.

These aren't even some of the worst offenders. For a more thorough list about how Facebook is "Zucking" you, check out this list of evil things Facebook does from Richard Stallman.

Are there any alternatives to Facebook?

As it turns out, you don't have to depend on Zuckbook or the other big name social platforms if you want to express yourself online. There are other, more privacy-respecting and censorship-free platforms that you can turn to when you get sick of Facebook invading your privacy and telling you what you can and cannot post.

Here are a few of the best alternatives to Facebook:

Check out some of these options if you're ready to kick Facebook out of your life. Personally, I am on Mastodon and Gab, and have been Facebook-free for quite awhile now. It is a freeing feeling when you rid yourself of the shackles imposed on you by Big Tech, and when folks decide to get off of Facebook and move onto one of these alternative platforms, or better yet, start their own website where they are in complete control, they take a tiny bit of control back from Zuck and into their own hands.

This stuff is a small sample of why I encourage everyone to #DeleteFacebook as soon as they can.