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November 1, 2020

My solar panel setup.

Several months ago, I was lucky enough to be given my own solar panel setup, completely free! This unexpected gift came from someone who is like family to me, my best friend's dad.

I've been planning on doing stuff with solar panels for a long time, and one of my main goals is to have my cryptocurrency miners setup in a building with solar power, so that I am mining using renewable energy. This is still a project I am actively working on making come to fruition, so there are no photos or anything of this setup just yet.

I'm hoping to have all of this setup before 2021 is over, but with the last year being the way it has been, I don't have any guarantees. I do have plans to possibly build a small mining building with a friend of mine who has connections with construction, so something might actually come from that collaboration.

I am a huge proponent of solar energy, and it is one of the factors that plays into my goals of living off-grid. While we are setup on my land, we still have some work to do when it comes to establishing the more "off-grid" feel to the property. Slowly but surely, we are making progress on that front.

I hope to have some pictures taken of my solar panels soon when I have them set up. I still need to buy the wiring and a cell, but I have everything else for the project stored away in my shed and ready to go. Once I get everything with my little solar system squared away, I will make sure to take some pictures and post an updated blog entry here for anyone interested to check it out.